Are There Any Safety Risks Associated with Air Conditioning System Cleaning in Palm Beach County FL?

Are you considering having your air conditioning system cleaned in Palm Beach County, FL? It's important to be aware of the potential safety risks associated with this process. Some companies promote a duct cleaning method that uses high concentrations of ozone, which is highly corrosive and toxic. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns that ozone can be harmful to humans at any concentration, so it's essential to stay away from the house until ozone levels return to normal if this method is used. Ozone concentrations of five to seven parts per million are usually needed to remove microbial and other contaminants from bioaerosols found in pipelines.

While it has been proven to be effective in killing dust mites, bacteria, and germs, the EPA notes that dead toxins, such as the corpses of dust mites and incapacitated mold and other bioaerosol agents, can be as allergenic as living ones, if not more so. In addition, if the ducts are damp, only the surface layer containing the contaminants will be affected. Ozone can also fade carpets and curtains and oxidize or corrode metals if not properly controlled. The EPA and most experts generally do not recommend using biocides, air fresheners, and cleaning agents in filters or duct systems until they are specifically approved for this purpose.

Aggressive cleaning agents that kill germs and bacteria can also damage the delicate lining of human lung tissue and, in themselves, be carcinogens or allergens. The general conclusion about duct cleaning is that aerial sweeping and mechanical brushing methods appear to be only modestly effective in the short term and, in the long term, can be effective in reducing air contaminants. A more effective approach is to properly select the ducts before construction and to keep the air conditioning system clean by properly filtering and maintaining the drip tray and cooling and heating coils once a year by a qualified service contractor. During this process, it is important that they vacuum the heat exchanger, clean the coils, and ensure that the drip tray is clean and drains properly.

Problems originally related to the way air ducts were soiled are usually not solved with duct cleaning methods. The shortcoming of a Florida International University (FIU) study was that readings were only taken immediately before cleaning, during cleaning, and two days after cleaning. The air sweeping method involves introducing compressed air into the duct to remove dirt and debris which is then transported downstream through the duct by vacuum collection equipment. Studies also suggest that cleaning techniques which agitate duct systems - particularly fiberglass ducts - may pose a greater problem by detaching fiberglass particles from the duct plate. From an energy conservation standpoint as well as indoor air quality control perspective, controlling sources of pollution seems to be the best way to keep duct systems clean and trouble-free. For decades residents of Broward County, Palm Beach County, and surrounding areas have chosen Air America to care for their air conditioning systems.